Economics and Green Energy

Green energy is the solution to our problems. There is only one small issue. During tough economic times, traditional energy lobbyists argue that the expenditure of money for green energy sources is too expensive for us to look at at this time. Their argument is that petroleum, nuclear power, and natural gas are already set into motion, so there will be no extra expenditure to keep this position is going.

lobbyists against green energy

The argument seems valid, but it really is just a matter of certain power groups maintaining their position. They will take every opportunity of even a slight economic downturn as a chance to say that green energy is too expensive. That’s the insanity of their argument. The truth is, green energy is for the most part free. It relies on Solar power, wind, and water. All of these natural resources are completely free and will continue today and for the end of time.

Because once their resources run out we would be pretty much beef finished anyway. The only costs that goes into green energy is infrastructure and research. If historians look back in time, the same resource and installations were just as expensive when we were setting up natural gas and nuclear. The fact is that if we did away with nuclear natural gas and petroleum that there would be plenty of money to invest in green energy.

Many companies are moving into this mindset on their own. It is creeping up everywhere. One day while doing a Radnor air conditioning repair, a customer asked S&S Heating and Air about geothermal climate control. They explained what it was, and then asked the customer if that was something they would consider in the future. That set into motion an investigation into offering geothermal services for all of their clients. Green just makes sense to so many service providers.

Once green energy is off the ground and infrastructure is set, it would basically be free. If you want to argue about it economic situation of green energy, it is actually more profitable than any other resource. Utility companies would still charge the same as they always have for God’s green earth to provide all the free power they need for their companies.

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